Who Am I

He was found by the Michigan Department of Corrections to be

One against whom there was always a administrative complaint,

And all reports on his conduct agree

That, in a sense a model prisoner, but to the administrator, no saint,

For everything he did he served the Prison Community.

Except on a rare day off, if he desired

He worked as a prisoner rights litigator and never got tired,

But unsatisfied was his captors.

Yet he wasn't odd or radical in his views,

For he served his conviction well, he paid his dues,

A report from his prison pals, shows he was sound

And the prison Psychologist found

That he was popular among the prisoner body.

Administrators were convinced he filed grievances every day.

And that his reactions to correctional abuse were normal in every way

But, abusive practices were taken out in his name

They put him in isolation attempting to drive him insane.

Defender of prisoners Constitutional rights

He never gave up, always there to take on the fights,

With Liberty and Justice for ALL,

He would shout,

Raising his head, standing tall

In his arena, ready for another bout.

And he had everything necessary to live prison life,

A 13 inch colored T.V., a radio, and a faithful wife,

To whom he was married and added three children to the population,

The ones he dreamed of as he rotted in segregation.

Yet, many have asked the question:

Was he freed? Was he happy or sad? Was he going insane?

Was he good or bad? Was he suffering emotional pain?

Had anything been wrong, you certainly would have heard,

If you would have only taken time, to read his written word.

Who am I?