Jim Crow

America's liberty and

justice for all,

has taken yet another fall.

No longer Home of the Brave,

Land of the Free.

America incarcerates,

millions of its citizenry.

Goliath is armed,

and hard to bring-down.

America is being harmed,

with a familiar sound,

Jim Crow.

Rising prison empire,

no doubt.

California three strikes,

you're never getting out.

Texas Tough, Jim Crow, Michigan's


Mass incarceration

is taking its toll.

Social control,

friend or foe,

African-American, the poor,

and under-educated,

are being over-incarcerated.

Jim Crow

is on a roll.

Distrust all in whom,

the impulse to punish

is strong.

Make them end

retributive practices,

fulfill the promise,

Liberty and Justice

for all.

Rehabilitate those who

slip and fall.

Become movers and shakers.

Educate our policy-makers.

Kill their desire,

to create a Goliath

prison empire.

Where is your bravery?

When you allow,

such slavery.

Stand up to the test.

It's time to put,

Jim Crow to rest.