If We Must Die In Prison

If we must die in prison~let it be not like caged hogs.

Haunted by memories of freedom in this inglorious spot.

While all around us, society screams like revenging dogs.

Making mock of our aging lot.

If we must die~oh, let us peacefully die.

So that our precious blood may not he shed.

In vain, than even the prison we defy.

Shall be constrained to Honor us though dead!

Oh, my aging brothers and sisters we meet a common foe.

Though far outnumbered, by societies vengeance,

let us show we are brave.

And for their thousand revengeful blows, deal one peaceful-blow.

What though before us lies the open grave?

Like elders we'll face the avenging pact.

Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back,

with the strength and love,

From Our Lord Above!