3. SCT MOTION TO LEAVE (2-23-12)

Joel Nathan Dufresne, 257173

Ionia Maximum Correctional Facility

1576 West Bluewater Highway

Ionia, Michigan 48846

23 February 2009


Michigan Supreme Court

P.O. Box 30052

Lansing, Michigan 48909

RE: People of the State of Michigan v. Joel Dufresne

No. 137830

Court of Appeals No. 273407

Trial Court No. 06-002597-FC

Dear Clerk:

Enclosed please find the original and one copy of the following documents. I am indigent and cannot provide seven copies. Please file them.

Motion to Waive Fees and Costs

Motion for Leave to File Supplemental Brief

Brief in Support of Motion for Leave to File Supplemental Brief

Proof of Service

Supplemental Brief

Attachments A through M, With Index, to Supplemental Brief

Thank You.



Joel Nathan Dufresne

Copy sent to Emmet County Prosecutor

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