My Cell, My Best Friend

Sentenced to die,
a slow lonely death,
my cell keeps me
from going insane.

My cell is 
my hated best friend,
we'll be together
until the end.   

Spending much time together,
no matter the weather outside
it is my place
to cry and hide.

My cell does not disrespect me,
it can not
feel my pain,
see me,
hear me,
hold me.

It accepts me for who and what I am,
happy or sad,
good or bad.

My cell gives me peace of mind,
as I search for memories,
hard to find.

A place to cope,
and hope.

Now for a second I had another thought,
then I let go;
I must be growing old,
in this life without parole.

In my cell there is no time
for idle thought,
nor space,
nor room to roam.

Only to gather strength
to live another day.

In my cell I never have to relinquish
my power, 
my presence,
my heart-felt struggle with
another day in a 
a life without parole.

Must have been
a hard to find
thought of home
that slipped my mind.

My cell does not care how much I cry,
if I am lonely or sky,
for it is where
I will eventually die.

Until the end,
Past tomorrow 

My cell is my best friend,
it's where I'll be
when my life without parole,
comes to end.
Fred (Corky) Proctor,  LWOP #178602
National Lifers of America, Inc.
Chapter 1026-A
Vice President
Michigan Reformatory
1342 W. Main Street
Ionia, MI  48846-1923