People Claiming Innocence

Innocents on the Web--People Claiming Innocence 

John Wade Adams - wrongly convicted of capital murder

James Anderson

Willis Anderson   

Angola Three 

Anthony Apanovitch and Keith Henness

Douglas Arthur   

Thomas D. Arthur  (murder)   Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issue 7 and read a December 2007 JD Editorial about Arthur's case, and an Op-Ed article in the Birmingham News.

Khalid Awan

Eunice Baker -- Wrongly Convicted of Child Murder"

Tracey Baker

Bernard Baran Jr.   Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issue 8.

Derek Rocco Barnabei - Wrongly Convicted of Rape/Murder --

Odell Barnes Profiled in Volume Issue 10 of Justice Denied.

Lee Max Barnett

Philip Barnett and Nathan Barnett (brothers)

Joel K. Barr

James Bauhaus

Barry Beach

Eric Bechler

Melissa Kay Belanger

Steven Dale Bell

Robert Belshaw       

Jay Biggs and               

Courtney Bisbee 

Earl Bramblett

Herbert J Blakeney

Annie Börjesson (who killed her?) and

Eddie Branch     

Penny Brummer --

Donald Bull

Clyde Bunkley

Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns

John Caldwell 

David Camm

Jerome Campbell

Domingo Cantu

Ivan Cantu and

John V. Carothers Profiled in Volume 2, Issue 6 of Justice Denied.

David L. Carpenter

Dean Carter

Byron Case

Frank Casteel (triple homicide)

Frank Chester

Paul Colella (murder)

William "Bill" Coleman   Profiled in JD Issue 42.

Melvin B. Coley (murder/conspiracy)

Edward P. Contreras

Paul Cortez

Roy Criner

Cuban Five

Tim Davis (capital murder)

Dennis Dechaine

Michael DeLoe   

Jimmy Dennis Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issues 5 and 8.

Jason Derrick Profiled Volume 1 Issue 12 of Justice Denied.

Jeff Dicks  Profiled in JD Volume 1, Issue 1

Keith Doolin (murder) -- Profiled in Justice Denied Volume 1 Issue 3.

Tommy Dotson (1st degree manslaughter and robbery)

Jane Dorotik   Profiled in JD Issue 30

David Draheim, Wrongly Convicted of Rape

Joel DuFresne      

Christopher B. Dunn   Profiled in JD Vol. 1, Issue 11, Update in JD Vol. 2, Issue 2.

Lenworth (Lenny) Edwards (murder)

Karlyn Eklof       

Fernieside 3 

Kenneth Foster
 (accomplice to murder)

Robert Fratta  and

Jesse Friedman

Frank Gable

William Gage   and

Dr. Ernest Garlington 

Johnny Lee Gates

Joe Giarratano (multiple murder)  Profiled in Justice Denied Volume 2 Issue 2.

Moe Gibbs  

Eddie Gilfoyle

Thomas Gioeli   

Zeke Goldblum

Michael Goodwin  

Anthony Graves
 (capitol murder)   Anthony grave  or  An interview with Anthony

Crosley Green

Harold Guyette (murder)

Derrick Hamilton

Kenneth Hansen

Anthony Harris

Francis Harris

Eddie Hatcher (murder) 

Bill Heirens Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issue 10.

Warren Keith Henness (murder)

Kevin Richard Herrick

Bobby Ray Hopkins Executed by the State of Texas on February 12, 2004. The Canadian Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty's maintains a webpage at:http:/   Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issue 4 and Issue 7.

Paul Ingram (child abuse)  Profiled in  Volume 1 Issue 11 of Justice Denied.

Vernon Joe

Roderick A. Johnson  and  

Jerry Jones Fund

Celeste Beard Johnson        

Donald Johnson (second-degree murder) 

Phillip Alvin Jones

Paul Kamienski

Bob Kaseweter

Trenda Kemmerer          

Temujin Kensu       

Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev

Hany Kiareldeen

Nolan Klein

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito    

Alfred Koonin       

Kevin Lane   

Mark Langford

Virginia Larzelere  -- Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issue 4  Florida Supreme Court overturned her death sentence in 2008

P. F. Lazor

Mike Ledford         

Han Tak Lee

Mikhiel “Mickey” Leinweber

Gary Leiterman and

Dorian Lester

Mechele Linehan

Phillip Lippert    (accessory to murder)

Kirstin Blaise Lobato and   Profiled in JD Issue 34 and Issue 26

Jeffrey MacDonald (murdering his wife and two daughters

John Maloney

Brad Mattos (rape)

Susan May    

John "Patrick" McCreary
 (double murder) 

Donald "Mac" McDonald  (murder)
 Profiled in JD Issue 26.

Steven Darby McDonald (arson) 

Gary McGivern and      

Michael McKevitt

Dwayne McKinney

Tony Medina

Abdelbaset Ali Mohmad Al Megrahi (Lockerbie bombing defendant)  

Juan Melendez - released from Florida's death row in 2002   

Debra Jean Milke Profiled in JD Vol. 1 Issue 1 and Vol. 1, Issue 5.

David Millgaard Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issue 1.

Beverly Monroe

Todd Newmiller  

Jeffrey Nickel

Norfolk Four (rape and murder) Profiled in JD Vol. 2, Issue 2 and Issue 30  (Derek Tice, Danial Williams, Erik Wilson and Joseph Dick)

Sean Patrick O'Geary

Michael O'Laughlin

Francis Oneill  

Efren Paredes, Jr Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issue 8.

Carlo Parlanti and

Aaron Patterson Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issue 2.

Leonard Peltier - Politcal Prisoner for 24 Years

Jeff Poff

Wesley Porter     

Elizabeth Ramirez, Cassandra Rivera, Anna Vasquez and Kristie Mayhugh

Steven Redman

Kenny Richey Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issue 11.

Joe Ritchie (murder)

Juan Rivera  and

James Rodwell  and

Milo Rose (capitol murder)

Donald Roth

Darlie Routier Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issues 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 10.

Dennis Michael 'Sal' Salerno    

Leo Robert Schofield

Gladys and Jamie Scott  and

Paul William Scott  Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issues 3 and 9.

Eliza Jane Scovill

Sam Reese Sheppard  Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issue 8.

Michael Shields

Hank Skinner  Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issues 6 and 8.

Letitia Smallwood

Raye Dawn Smith and 

John Spirko   Profiled in JD Issue 27

Jamie Snow        

Art Sobey

Max Soffar (capital murder)

Cynthia Sommer  (conviction overturned and charges dismissed)    

Gary Staples (Acquitted of murder)

Randy Steidl and Herb Whitlock

Darold R.J. Stenson

Larry Swearingen  and

Patrick Swiney (died in prison) Profiled in JD Volume 1, Issue 2.

John Taft      

Martin Tankleff   Profiled in Vol 1 Issue 12 and Issue 38 (Released on December 27, 2007 and charges dismissed June 30, 2008)

Terror in Florida

Michelle Theer

John Thompson Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issue 5.

Donna Kay Thorngren    

Cameron Todd

Liz Tolbert     

Kevin Tolliver (murder)

Alfred Trenkler

Arthur Tyler and

Michael W. Ustaszewski     

David Valdez


Herman Wallace (Angola Three) Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issues 1, 4, 5 and 6

Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot (case written about in The Dreams of Ada by Robert Mayer

Joseph Warren (Canadian case)  

Earl Washington Profiled in Volume 1 Issue 12

Scott Watson (multiple murders)

West Memphis Three (Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin) and

Shannon and Tony Whittle (child abuse)

Christopher M. Williams       

Danny Willoughby

Betty Wilson (murder)

Randolph Wilson

Karl Winsness  

Steve Woods

Philip Workman OR  Profiled in JD Volume 1 Issue 10.

Greg Wright

Nick Yarris  Profiled in Volume 1 Issue 12.

Patricia Wright-Ramdhan   Profiled in JD  Issue 38.

Clinton Lee Young

Mark Zana   

William Thomas Zeigler, Jr. and,  Profiled in Volume 1 Issue 12,Click here to read online or download Fatal Flaw, a book about the Zeigler case.

 Paul Zumot